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Upcoming Events and Classes

Upcoming Events

  • CPR - AED - First Aid
    CPR - AED - First Aid
    Date and time is TBD
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    Date and time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Date and time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Come and train with us and get CPR certified! Become a Force Multiplier for Good!!!

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Train to be your family's First Responder!

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How We Got Here

Noir Training and Tactical Consultants is dedicated to presenting professional firearms training programs, tactical concepts and tactical medical training that will prepare citizens to be active in their self defense and act as their own first responder.

Life's essentials include education, healthcare, shelter, secure and non-threatening work, water, nutrition, security, significant primary relationships and a safe environment.

As a concealed carrier you have legal obligations and responsibilities which differ state to state. Please attend and learn what Louisiana expects of it's responsible firearms owners.

Our Team.

At NTTC we strive to become better instructors, teachers and students every day!

An ideal firearms instructor possesses a combination of knowledge, skills, and personal qualities that contribute to effective and safe firearms training. Some qualities that make up an ideal firearms instructor include:

1. Expertise: An ideal firearms instructor should have extensive knowledge of firearms, firearm safety, relevant laws and regulations, shooting techniques, and self-defense principles.

2. Safety-oriented approach: Safety should be the primary focus of any firearms instructor. They should prioritize and consistently enforce safe handling practices, emphasizing the importance of following safety protocols at all times.

3. Clear communication: Effective instructors can clearly and confidently communicate instructions, explanations, and concepts to students. They should be able to adapt their teaching style to the needs and learning abilities of different students.

4. Patience: Firearms instruction often involves beginners who may have limited experience or familiarity with firearms. An ideal instructor should be patient, understanding, and able to provide guidance and support as students develop their skills.

5. Observational skills: The ability to closely observe students' actions and provide constructive feedback is crucial for an instructor. They should identify mistakes or areas of improvement and offer guidance to help students refine their techniques.

6. Professionalism and ethics: An ideal firearms instructor should maintain professionalism, adhere to ethical guidelines, and demonstrate respect for all students, regardless of their experience level or background.

7. Continuous learning: Firearms technology, techniques, and regulations are constantly evolving. An ideal instructor should actively seek out new knowledge, stay current with industry updates, and continuously improve their own skills and teaching methods.

8. Adaptability: Each student is unique, and an ideal instructor should be flexible and able to adjust their teaching approaches to meet individual needs. This includes modifying instruction based on factors like skill level, physical abilities, and learning style.

9. Empathy and mentorship: An instructor who is empathetic and approachable can create a supportive learning environment. Building rapport with students, offering guidance, and serving as a mentor can enhance the overall learning experience.

Remember, these are general qualities that can contribute to being an effective and responsible firearms instructor. Different instructors may have varying areas of expertise and teaching styles, so it's essential to consider your own needs and preferences when selecting an instructor.


Noir Tactical Training Consultants

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